Environmental Stewardship

Montana feels like home.

Majestic mountains views, deer rustling in the woods, clear streams and skies are part of the reason we’re here. But in today’s industrial world, enchanting places like this are disappearing—quickly. At Moonlight Basin, we’ve taken responsibility for protecting and preserving the land that has given us so much. By relying on the guidance of environmental experts and habitat and environmental organizations, we’re able to make better-informed progressive environmental management decisions, as well as monitor and confirm the success of those decisions.

Future generations deserve to experience our magical valley. That’s why well over half of Moonlight Basin’s original 25,000 acres of private land rests safely in conservation easements. We’ve protected far more land than we plan to ever develop and carefully restricted our development. Conservation efforts have also maintained a wildlife corridor between the two sections of the Lee Metcalf Wilderness, potentially threatened by the original sale of the property. Wildlife roams freely both in the conservation easements and in our remaining 8,000 acres as we’ve purposely preserved the corridors that connect low wintering grounds to high-elevation summer habitat.

Jack Creek Water Monitoring Project—Madison Conservation District

The Jack Creek Project began in 2006 as a cooperation between local landowners, organizations, and educators who sought to introduce educational opportunities and collect water quality information about the health of the Jack Creek watershed. Since then, hundreds of students and community members have participated in educational events and water monitoring days. With the help of the partnering organizations, the project has continued to gain momentum each year.

In 2012, Moonlight Basin held an Adventure Day in conjunction with the Jack Creek Project. This educational event for our guests and members included a guided wildlife habitat hike with the Wildlife Conservation Society, and finished with lessons on watersheds and water quality.

Moonlight is proud to continue our support of this project in collaboration with the Madison Conservation District, Madison River Foundation, Jack Creek Preserve, the Montana State University Extension, and the Montana Department of Environmental Quality.

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Diverse wildlife roams within Moonlight Basin, and several remote motion-seeing cameras are installed as part of our wildlife monitoring program.

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