Moonlight Club

Moonlight Club Membership is an opportunity for you and your family to experience a true community within 8,000 acres of alpine recreation and amenities at Moonlight Basin and Big Sky Resort. 

From access to world-class skiing and golf to all-season amenities, Moonlight Club provides a rare combination of rugged Montana and unsurpassed recreation for the family. It recalls life in the Old West- a place where time stands still and pursuit of adventure is part of daily life.

Strategically crafted as a recreation program, Moonlight Club Membership is an opportunity for your family to enjoy premier access to Moonlight Basin’s spectacular mountain playground and year-round amenities. It is designed to create a sustainable membership program with a core group of members while providing the highest level of all-encompassing access to Moonlight Basin for members, spouses, and family. Our membership offering evolved from stakeholder feedback and consideration of sustainable clubs throughout the country.

To learn more about joining Moonlight Club, contact Mike Wilcynski at (406) 209-4367 or